The JCCT Library

For many years the JCCT has had a library of books and service manuals (mostly donated) that are available for borrowing by members. The books, manuals and catalogues and videos have all been catalogued, and a lending system operates. Items from the library are available to Club members for six weeks at a time; a late return charge of $2 per week being applicable beyond one month.

Members wishing to borrow items from the library should contact the club Secretary.


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Book No. Title Author
1 Jaguar: History of a Classic Marque Philip Porter
2 Jaguar: History of a Classic Marque Philip Porter
3 National Motor Museum at Beaulieu Philip Porter
4 The XK Jaguar in Australia Elmgreen & McGrath
5 Jaguar: The Enduring Legend Nicky Wright
6 Jaguar Paul Skilleter
7 Jaguar Paul Skilleter
8 Classic Marques – Jaguar Paul Skilleter
9 Classic Marques – Jaguar Paul Skilleter
10 Great Marques Jaguar (Paperback) Chris Harvey
11 Great Marques Jaguar (Hardcover) Chris Harvey
12 Jaguar: A Living Legend Anders D Clausager
13 Jaguar: A Living Legend Anders D Clausager
14 Jaguar: Spirit of the Cat Paul W Cockerham
15 Jaguar: The Illustrated Motorcar Legends Roy Bacon
16 James Hardie 1000 1985 1986 Bill Tuckey
17 Jaguar Project XJ40- The Inside Story of the new XJ6 Philip Porter
18 Jaguar E-Type File 3.8 4.2 V12 Martin Buckley
19 The Jaguar Driver’s Year Book 1979-80 Paul Skilleter
20 Historic Racing Cars in Australia John Blanden
21 Jaguar – A Touch of History Nigel Thorley
22 Jaguar Lord Montagu
23 Jaguar – World Champions Andrew Whyte
24 Jaguar – An Illustrated History of World’s Most Elegant Car Roger Hicks
25 Classic Cars – Jaguar Roger Hicks
26 The Jaguar Tradition Michael Frostick
27 Jaguar Browkowal
28 Jaguar – Motor Racing and the Manufacturer Robert E Berry
29 Jaguar Driver’s Book James Ruppert
30 Jaguar XK 120/140/150: Cream of Cats Duncan Wherret
31 Jaguar XK 120/140/150: Cream of Cats Duncan Wherret
32 The Classic Jaguar Saloons: All Models 1950-1970 Chris Harvey
33 Jaguar – The Sporting Heritage Paul Skilleter
34 Original Jag E Type: Restorers Guide to 3.8 4.2 V12 Philip Porter
35 Jaguar XJ40: Evolutions of the Species Andrew Whyte
36 Jaguar, the Classic Marque – Distinguishing Coachwork Features Steve Kennedy
37 Original Jaguar XJ Nigel Thorley
38 Original Jaguar XJ Nigel Thorley
39 Jaguar XJS (Paperback) Duncan Wherret
40 The Jaguar XKs: Collector’s Guide Paul Skilleter
41 The Jaguar E-type – a collector’s guide Paul Skilleter
42 Sir William Lyons – The Official Biography Philip Porter
43 Daimler & Lanchester Owner’s Companion Andrew Whyte
44 Protype Dream Cars Publication
45 Vintage Cars in Colour James Barron
46 Jaguar XK8 – The Authorised Biography Philip Porter
47 The Most Famous Car in the World: The Story of the First E-Type Jaguar Philip Porter
48 You and Your Jaguar XJ40 Nigel Thorley
49 Automobile Quarterly – 1980 Vol XV111 No 4 Extract
50 Jaguar Victory ’90 The Story of the 1990 Le Mans Race Ken Wells
51 Encylopedia of Cars Publication
52 The Jaguar XK120 in the Southern Hemisphere Elmgreen & McGrath
53 Factory Original Jaguar E-Type Anders D Clausager
54 Speed and Spirit Zoltan Glass
55 Jaguar 120 – The Anatomy of a Cult Object Urs Schmid
56 The Jaguar Story Joseph Wherry

Manuals and Catalogues

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Item No. Title & Contents
M/C 1 The Definitive Jaguar Owners Parts Catalogue: MK7, MK8, MK9, XK120, XK140, XK150, MK1, MK2, Daimler V8, S-Type, 420, MK10, 420G, E-Type Series 1,2 & 3, XJ6/12 Series 1,2 & 3, XJS & XJ40
M/C 2  
M/C 3 Jaguar XJ6 & XJ Owners Workshop Manual plus Daimler Sovereign 1968 to 1976 – UK: Jag. XJ6 2.8 litre saloon
  Jag. XJ6 4.2 litre saloon (Series 1)
  Jag. XJ6 4.2 litre saloon & coupe (Ser…)
  Jag XJ6 3.4 Saloon
  Jag XJ6 4.2 saloon & Coupe
  Daimler Sovereign 2.8 Saloon
  Daimler Sovereign 3.4 Saloon
  Daimler Sovereign 4.2 Saloon (Series 1)
  Daimler Sovereign 4.2 Saloon & Coupe (Series 2)
  Jag. XJ6 4.2 litre Saloon (Series 1)
  Jag. XJ6 4.2 litre Saloon & Coupe (Series 2) (A Haynes Book)
M/C 4 Jaguar Spares Division Spare Parts Catalogue for Jaguar XK150 & XK 150 Models, Volume 1. Incorporating Automatic Transmission Unit, Overdrive Unit
  Engine Nos:
  XK150 3.4 litre engine  V1001 onwards
  XK 150 3.4 litre engine  VS1001 onwards
  XK150 3.8 litre engine  VA1001 onwards
  XK150 S 3.8 litre engine VAS1001 onwards
  Chassis Numbers
  Open Car R.H. Drive  820001 onwards
  Open Car L.H. Drive  830001 onwards
  Fixed Head Coupe R.H. Drive 824001 onwards
  Fixed Head Coupe L.H. Drive 834001 onwards
  Also 847001 onwards
  Drop Head Coupe R.H. Drive 827001 onwards
  Drop Head Coupe L.H. Drive 837001 onwards
M/C 5 Spare Parts Catalogue for Jaguar E-Type Grand Touring Models (Title page missing)
M/C 6 Jaguar C-Type & D Type: A Brooklands
  Road Test – Limited Edition
M/C 6 Jaguar XK140 Spare Parts Catalogue:
  Open two-seater, fixed head coupe, drop head coupe. All models G1001 onwards.
  Open two seater RH drive 800001 onwards
  Open two seater LH Drive 810001 onwards
  Fixed head coupe RH drive 804001 onwards
  Fixed head coupe LH drive 814001 onwards
  Drop head coupe RH drive 807001 onwards
  Drop head coupe LH drive 817001 onward
M/C8 Repair operation manual: Jaguar XJS
M/C9 Souvenir Programme Jaguar 75 year event:
  Anniversary of Sir William Lyons Entry into the Motor Industry.
M/C10 Heritage Collection: A Unique Collection of the Best of British Historic Vehicles at Donnington Park. Collection guide and catalogue.
M/C11 The Donnington Collection of Single Seater Racing Cars: Official Catalogue
M/C12 Jaguar S Type, 420, 1963-68 (Autobook)
  Jaguar 3.4S 1963-68
  Jaguar 3.8S 1973-68
  Jaguar 420 1966
M/C13 Jaguar MK1,2 1955-69 (Autobook) OWM 795
  Jaguar 2.4 MK1 1955-50
  Jaguar 2.4 MK2 1959-67
  Jaguar 240 1967-69
  Jaguar 3.4 MK1 1957-59
  Jaguar 3.4 MK2 1959-67
  Jaguar 340 1967-68
  Jaguar 3.8 MK2 1959-67
M/C 14 Looking After Your Leather
M/C16 Service Data for the Jaguar 3.4 1958. Originally published by Motor Trader, July7 1958. An authorized reprint.
M/C17 Jaguar XJ6, XJ & Daimler Sovereign Owners Workshop Manual 1968 to October 1986, Series 1,2 & 3 – 2.8, 3.4 and 4.2 litre 6 cyl. OWM242
M/C18 Series III Service Manual Ed.5
M/C 19 Jaguar XK120: The Anatomy of a Cult Object, Vol. 1
M/C20 Questions and Answers on Automobile Engines
M/C21 Jaguar/Daimler 12- cylinder Owners Workshop Manual
M/C22 Jaguar XJ6: Purchase and Restoration Guide
M/C23 Classic Car Restoration Guide: The Complete Illustrated Step-by-Step Manual.
M/C24 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 and 4.2 Litre with Specs and Maint.Data
M/C25 Jaguar E Type Owners Workshop Manual
M/C26 Workshop Manual for Jaguar MK V1, MKV111-MKIX, XK120, XK140, XK150 with Automatic Transmission 1951-1961
M/C27 Jaguar Service Manual for Mark V Saloon & Coupe Models 1949-1950.

Videos and DVDs

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 No. Title Format Duration
1 Pre-War Motor Racing 1900 -1939 VHS 60mins
2 Jaguar MK 2: Building a legend & XJ40 VHS 60mins
3 The E Type Jaguar VHS 55mins
4 The History of Jaguar in Motorsport DVD 70mins
5 Jaguar : The racing history VHS 50mins
6 Jaguar Victorious – XJR Racing 1988 to 1993 DVD 45mins
7 Half a continent in a day -XK 120 speed record VHS 30mins
8 E Type Experience -XK run Darwin to Alice Springs DVD 90mins
9 Long weekend at Longford -Supercars DVD 60mins
10 Alan Ellison visits 2001&2002 DVD 125mins
11 The complete Jaguar experience  Part 1 DVD 53mins
12 The complete Jaguar experience  Part 2 DVD 50mins
13 Supercat-Jag History-Auto Jags-V12 Archives DVD 157mins
14 Jaguar 1985-1988:Roaring to Victory DVD 60mins
15 Radio Le Mans : The Video 1988 DVD 90mins
16 XJ 220: The official history VHS 60mins
17 Long weekend at Longford DVD 60mins
18 Alan Ellison visits 2001&2002         Two one hour talks DVD 120mins
19 The history of Le Mans VHS 40mins
20 Flat out and 50:Jaguars record breaking days DVD 64mins
21 E Type Archive VHS 40mins
22 V 12 Archive DVD 55mins
23 Motor Racing 1961 &1962 DVD 60mins
24 The Great Race-Bathurst 1985 DVD 60mins
25 Classic Bathurst Crashes DVD 60mins
26 XJS HELP DVD 45mins
27 Jaguar E Type parts XK Unlimited DVD 45mins
28 Jaguar XK parts XK Unlimited DVD 45mins
29 Happy Birthday E Type -Celebrating 40 Years DVD 55mins
30 Classic Collectors Cars -The Vintage Guide DVD 60mins
31 Jaguar: The complete History DVD 60mins
32 New Jaguar XK and Aston V8 DVD 45mins
33 Norman Dewis visit -May 1998 DVD 60mins