• 2013 Saturday Dinner
Christmas Party 2019

The Christmas Luncheon for 2019 was once again held at Ross, with some 60 members attending. A delicious fully-catered meal was provided free to those attending, and a great time was enjoyed by all. The weather outside was a bit mediocre, but inside there was fun and warmth. A great day. Thanks to Robert and Grant for the photos.

Peninsula Run 2019

Originally intended as a run to Derwent Bridge, this had to be re-directed due to bad weather conditions. So a run to Dunalley for lunch was substituted. Some 12 members attended, and enjoyed full sunshine and a great meal at the Dunalley Hotel.

Great Lake Run - Oct 2019

Some 6-8 cars enjoyed a "cool, dry and comfortable" run to the Great Lake in October, where they enjoyed a terrific meal at the under-new-management Great Lake Hotel. A most enjoyable day.

Orford Run with PVCC

Several Southern members joined the PVCC in a run to Orford in September. A bright sunny day, with a great meal afterwards.

Channel Run - May 2019

Members recently enjoyed a pleasant run via the Channel to Margate, where they had an enjoyable lunch at Brook Fields.

Picnic at Ross 2019

JCCT members from across the state attended this year's 'Picnic at Ross' event. Our thanks to Liam for these pictures, showing just a few of the hundreds of cars on display.

Ian Cummins Memorial Run 2019

This year's event had to relocated from the Great Lake area to Longford, due to the recent bushfires. A group of some 20 people attended, with Barry Wiggins receiving the Perpetual Trophy for the greatest distance travelled to the event.