What a great night of splendor, great food, wine and company.

Jill, Cleve, Des and I arrived at the Novotel and ascended the stairs to the large foyer where we found many of our friends we have come to know over the years of attending such events. We were soon joined by Ron & Chris; Harry & Leonie; Allister & Faye; Lyndon & Jill; Lee & Lorraine;

After initial pre-dinner drinks and canapés, we were ushered into the Grand Ballroom. What a grand sight to see the display of the lovely D Type, C Type, E Type and the new F Type set out before us.

We all proceeded to our allotted tables and seated ourselves ready for the evening’s events. A sumptuous 3 course Menu was set out along with order of Presentation of Awards slotted into between courses. Chris & Geraldine were seated at our table and Ian & Judith were also in attendance at another table.
The evening progressed very smoothly with Tassie being lucky to have our one and only entrant in D’Etat pick up a Bronze Award. Well done Harry and the hard working crew of Allister, Ron & Cleve who all helped get the engine rebuild completed for the event.

A small interruption was caused by the announcement a Glow mesh purse was found in the Gents Toilets. 2013_national_35This continued for some time before we all realised it was the entertainment for the night. Believe me, this was certainly one of the highlights of the evening. Called the 3 waiters, they had superb voices and continued to entertain us for some time. I recognised one of them as a member of the ex Four Kinsmen, a fantastic group in their own right. The whole thing was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

But then it was back to the task at hand, presentation of Awards. This went very smoothly with recipients making their way to the stage and staying there until that category had finished. Then a full photo shoot was performed. As is the case with most presentations over the past years, the winner’s car was displayed on the screen behind the stage along with name, type of vehicle and award.
The evening came to an all too soon close with us all bidding each other goodnight but not before taking the opportunity to get our Tassie group together for a photo.

 – Jenni