MARK THE DATE APRIL 9th-11TH 2021, JCCT State Rally “Cats on the Coast”.

Hooray Jaguar enthusiasts we “Coastal Cats” are back at the drawing board, tails up, noses down, pens in paws !!! We’re configuring the delivery of a wonderfully, hospitable State Rally in Ulverstone, April 9th-11th next year. This is the weekend following Easter and the only one available as the venue which is the home of “North West Thunder” basketball is heavily booked for events.

The Rally will feature all elements of the program we planned previously and at the same venues. Accommodation at “Waterfront Apartment,” “Boscobel of Tasmania,” “Riverview Holiday Apartments” (all in walking distance of the Ulverstone Sports and Recreation Centre) is available for Jaguar attendees. Management of the “Tickled Trout” and “Seaview Holiday House” is at present undecided as to whether to commit to opening the properties. We suspect if there is sufficient interest and the Covid 19 restrictions allow for our borders to lift soon, she will change her mind. So, if you had hoped to team up into a group of four-six to share the home share venues, then make contact soon, directly with the owners. There may be a slight increase in the tariff as we will be in a new financial year, but owners have promised to look after Jaguar guests. So, identify yourselves when you phone.

A promotional article will be featured in the Torque magazine in due course with greater detail of times for the events and registration forms to follow early next year. The one difference for delegates attending in 2021 will be the requirement that we all comply with Covid Safe practices. If the status quo remains till April next year Central Coast Council requires us to record the phone contact details, a signature indicating agreement and compliance with Covid 19 precautions from each person entering the Sports and Recreation Centre. If any delegate objects to this requirement then they are not permitted access to the venue. We will attempt to streamline this process by including a consent/compliance addition with Registration as arguments “on the doorstep” would totally destroy the collegiality of the Rally.

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