Caps & Hats

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To order any items from the JCCT Regalia, please contact the Regalia Officer.

Cap with Logo
$15.00 (AUD)

Cap – bottle green with white Jaguar logo.

$12.00 (AUD)

Beanie Cable Knit – Jaguar Logo

$10.00 (AUD)

An old favorite.   ‘Jaguar’ and ‘JCCT’ logos available.

Hat Band
$8.00 (AUD)

A dark hat band to suit our Straw Hats; has a Jaguar logo.

Floppy Hat
$16.00 (AUD)

White floppy hat, with a Jaguar logo.

Men’s Straw Hat
$16.00 (AUD)

A white, broad-rim straw hat.  (Note; hat band NOT included)

Bucket Hat
$12.00 (AUD)

An old favourite.  Has a JCCT logo on the front.